Copyright Power presents new house style!

Time to say goodbye….

Saying goodbye is never fun … Of course we saw it coming and we were able to prepare for months. But when the moment comes closer you still feel a sense of discomfort. A feeling that actually looks like a preliminary stage of homesickness, a feeling of sadness because you know that you have to close a chapter. A chapter where we put a lot of effort into and felt so familiar. With tears on our cheeks and a lump in our throat we have to say goodbye to our old house style!

Wow! What have we been busy with. The last few weeks were mainly about fine-tuning the texts, editing and re-arranging the layout, color combinations and … our new logo! But here is finally our new website !!

Of course you will find our familiar Copyright Power color pink back. Even though we have been ‘in the possession of’ a male employee for a while now. Secretly still, Power Power International remains a girlpower company!

And … What exactly are we doing now? What can you do for us? You can now easily find this on our website. We tell you what we are good at, what we are proud of. Did you already know, for example, that in addition to ensuring that you, as our client, receive the royalties you are entitled to, you can also provide you with honest (legal) advice? We can also help and guide you in choosing the right strategy for the perfect release.

A new logo also comes with a new logo! The new logo still contains our basic core values: Our customer always remains central and of course we stay with the Copyright symbol. But with a future record label (teaser) as a baby and a close collaboration with various producers, artists and writers, we become more and more involved in the musical side of our profession. On top of our existing services / activities that we are good at and remain good at. If the old jacket no longer fits, it’s time for a new one, in short, the new logo represents exactly what we are good at and what we stand for. But then with the sound!


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