It can be difficult to understand what rights are coming from what source. Let us briefly explain what copyrights and neighbouring rights are, how they differ, and why you may still miss out on them.


Copyright royalties

What are they? 
Copyright royalties come from a composition of music. Think of them being the melody and lyrics of a song for example. When a song is used in public, royalties should go to the songwriters, composers and publishers related to that copyrighted musical work.  

Should I be earning copyright royalties?
If you are a songwriter or composer of a song that has been used in public, you should be earning royalties in various countries. Note that this is about the original creation, not the audio itself.  

Neighbouring rights royalties

What are they? 
Neighbouring rights royalties come from the recording of a musical work. With neighbouring rights, there’s an amount of royalties reserved for both the performing artists of a song (singers, instrument players) as well as the producer of the song (this isn’t necessarily the producer in the studio, but the financial party behind the recording. Often a label or publisher). This of course implies the music has been used in public, generating royalties at the neighbouring rights societies.  

Should I be earning copyright royalties?
If you are a performing artist on a song, you should be earning royalties in various countries. Note that this means you’re either playing a song you’ve written yourself, or are playing a song you are entitled to play as a featured artist/soloist.  

Why am I not earning copyright or neighbouring royalties yet?

Royalties for both types of rights are being collected by different societies, varying from country to country making it hard to track where your money might be. Many songwriters don’t want to put the effort in as processes are still unknown to them and societies are confusing to work with. A publisher can take the work over and collect one of the types of royalties. There aren’t many publishers that focus on both rights however. That’s where we as Copyright Power International come in!  

What can we do for you?

At Copyright Power International we understand that you as an artist, musician, conductor or producer don’t feel like chasing the collection of your outstanding rights and royalties. It takes time, effort, a lot of energy and can be tedious while you want to make music instead. Even if you are registered to the right societies, you are most likely missing out on royalties that we can pinpoint for you.  

Making your life easier, we register your tracks directly at all societies and using our own software, we scan for the use of your works. This gives us the opportunity to claim every cent for you, so you maximize what you earn for your hard work!  

With over 20 years of experience, we know all the ins and outs, have international connections and have a way of chasing your rights like no other publisher. We take care of the collection of both copyright and neighbouring rights royalties for many customers, so you don’t need to worry about leaving behind royalties. 

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