An artist/musician has to deal with various legal issues. Such as the conclusion of contracts or copyrights and neighbouring rights. At Copyright Power International we understand that, being a creative spirit, your mind is not always up for that. That is why we are ready to assist artists/musicians with tailored advice or help closing licenses or deals!

Legal Adivce

Copyright Power International regularly provides (legal) advice to upcoming and established artists. In our office we work with our own lawyer. This provides our clients with honest and independent advice in, for example, negotiations with clients, record companies, publishers or in the field of copyrights and neighbouring rights. We understand that you as an artist are do not always have the time or the patience for all the (legal) hassle that comes with it, but would like to take care of these matters, which cost a lot of time and energy, properly. We are happy to be of assistance!


As a musician you have to deal with various parties you have to make agreements with. Negotiations with record companies, publishers or other parties can sometimes be tricky or complicated. At Copyright Power International we can help you to conclude the best possible deals. Do you think you can use a little help in closing the most favorable deal for you? We are happy to assist you to enter worry-less and determined into negotiations with other parties.

We are happy to purify the legal background noises for you so that you can fully focus on your creative process!

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