As an artist, musician, conductor or producer you have the right to decide for yourself what happens to the music you produce. This is all secured in the law on neighbouring rights. At Copyright Power International we work closely with various neighbouringright organizations. The organizations which have been authorized by the government to distribute the allowances from neighbouring rights. We understand as an artist, musician, conductor or producer you do not want have the time or patience to chase outstanding royalty fees due to you for airing your music on radio or television. Copyright Power International can therefore take care of the entire process for you!

What are masterrights?

An artist, musician, conductor or producer has produced and released a new music piece or song. A large supermarket chain wants to use this song in a national commercial to be aired on radio or television. As rightowner you are entitled to an allowance for the use of this song. The collection of allowances for this use is amongst others taken care of by your neighbouring rights organization. In addition to this right to reimbursement for the use of a song, neighbouring rights include even more. As an artist, musician, conductor or producer you have the right to:

  • decide whether a performance can be included with your song.
  • determine whether your sony can be multiplied and released on the market.
  • decide, as in the case of the supermarket, whether your song can be broadcasted, aired or performed for commercial purposes, and against which remuneration.

At Copyright Power International we understand that as an artist, musician, conductor or producer, you do not always have the time or feel like chasing the collection of your outstanding rights / royalties. This is because it involves a lot of energy and time which you rather invest into the creative process of making music. We take care of the collection of the neighbouring rights royalties for many of our customers. Because of our position as an intermediary you know as rightowner your neighbouring rights are properly settled. This way you can put all your energy into the development of your creative career without having to worry about the administrative noises, supplying proof of your releases, checking statements, gathering broadcasting information etc.!

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