Liberry is a boutique music library, created by and in co-operation with Copyright Power International and BCMM. The project was kickstarted using funds by Investeringsfonds Muziek by Buma/Stemra and the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (minocw). Now that Liberry is up and running, many songs and complete albums are being added regularly. The resulting collection of first-class music is diverse, inspiring and ready for your production to be used!

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Browse through the best music, tailor-made by composers to use in your productions. Liberry offers a great variety of genres, moods, feels and themes, ensuring you’ll find the song you need. Whether you’re looking for a full song, an ambient feel or a sound logo, Liberry by Copyright Power International is where it’s at. As licensing music from Liberry is just a few clicks away, getting the right song for your production has never been easier and faster!

Visit Liberry, and get inspired! Click here.

Liberry. Providing juice for your production. 🍒

Boutique music library Liberry

Liberry Liberry is a boutique music library, created by and in co-operation with Copyright Power...

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Netflix – Ferry (Teaser & Trailer)

Are you a fan of the series "Undercover"? You'll be excited for this one then! 🎞 Soundsright...

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Tony’s Chocolonely – The Sweet Solution

Have you seen this commercial by Tony's Chocolonely recently? 🙌🏼💗 Audentity did the...

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Eredivisie #OneToWatch (FC Afkicken)

The winner of the Buma Award Best Podcast and Radio Imaging is… Eredivisie - #OnetoWatch (FC...

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