Copyright Power International has been managing international music rights and collecting royalties for its customers since it was founded. Because of our own view on the music industry, we automatically started to be involved in the creative part of a music publishing company as well over the years. Copyright Power therefore, in addition to its existing services, carries out more and more publishers tasks. We are an independent publishing company and support upcoming and established artists or creatives in a personal and transparent way.

What can our music publishing company do for you?

The Copyright Power music publishing house closes publishing contracts with composers and writers, administers your copyrights and promotes the music of these artists. We work with both upcoming artists and already established names. We represent the creators of music!

Copyright Power International can help composers find the right writer (or vice versa) by searching for the right person within our network. We also try to place existing songs in films, commercials or television series (Syncs), and we like brainstorm together to come up with a personal career planning.

Copyright Power International always does this on its own way, read more about our way of working here. We always aim to provide you with honest and independent advice by tapping out of our experience and knowledge. While doing so we pay attention to both the long and the short term.

Does it appeal to you, than become a member of the Copyright Power family!

We invite you for an introductory meeting! Contact us via the contact form or call +31297361503.

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A46 feat. Flexual – FREAK

The Second single released by our own label Fully Charged!: Freak Social Media, we can't live...

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