In the music industry both upcoming and established artists are confronted with various sounds and advices which do not always match. One party promises this, the other something else, but does this also correspond to what is noted in the agreement presented and realisticly feasible in practice? Therefore it sometimes might be difficult to continue hearing the beatiful music between all these different notes and decide what is best for you! At Copyright Power International we like to focus on the best interests of our artist/client/musician/label and aim to give neutral and honest advice.


Copyright Power International and advice to musicians

At Copyright Power International we not only try to help you as an artist or composer in building your career. For example, we can also provide (legal) advice for contract checks or negotiations, or help you with questions about your copyrights or neighbouringrights. It is our aim to provide our customers with ‘full service’ services, and always aim to think in the best interests of the customer! If we believe, based on our knowledge and experience that you are better off quitting one thing or better fully focus on something else, we will let you know what we feel is in your best interest!

For many media composers we have taken care of the international (copyright) royalty collection, arranged licenses and scanned agreements. By taking over the administrational part they could much better focus on their creative process.

Copyright Power International stands for an independent and customer-oriented approach. We think in the interests of our clients and assume that if things go well for our clients, things will automatically go well for us too.

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