Since 2000, Copyright Power International has developed into a “Full Service” company in the international music industry with its own unique approach. Curious about what we can do for you? Please find herewith a list of our services:

Music Publishing

What can our music publishing company do for you? The Copyright Power music publishing house closes publishing contracts with composers and writers, administers your copyrights and promotes the...lees meer

Administration & Collection of music rights

What does the administration and the management of music rights mean? The administration of music rights is a labour-intensive and time-consuming occupation. It is not just about collecting royalties...lees meer


What are masterrights? An artist, musician, conductor or producer has produced and released a new music piece or song. A large supermarket chain wants to use this song in a national commercial to be...lees meer

SYNC and music licenses

SYNC and music licenses music is used in an advertisement or film, you need permission from the right owners. Copyrights are regulated in the Netherlands by Buma / Stemra, they determine the...lees meer

Custom music needed?

Existing music or your own sound? The requirements for a song or piece of music differ per production. If in one case you need an existing song and in the other case need a tailor made completely...lees meer

Neutral advice to musicians & composers

Copyright Power International and advice to musicians At Copyright Power International we not only try to help you as an artist or composer in building your career. For example, we can also provide...lees meer

Legal advice & Dealmaking

Legal Adivce Copyright Power International regularly provides (legal) advice to upcoming and established artists. In our office we work with our own lawyer. This provides our clients with honest and...lees meer

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