Who is Copyright Power International

Copyright Power International is since 2000 the most involved and transparent company in the international music industry in the field of consultancy and international music rights. Copyright Power International was founded in 2000 by Edith Severs. As a small one-woman company, she focused as publisher on managing international music royalty flows and the accompanying back-office activities for musicians and music production companies in the multi media industry. Over the years, the company has developed into a professional and yet very personal music publishing company for everyone in the music industry. Also providing support for record label releases is possible. Because of this transition, we developed from a mainly “royalty collecting company” into a company with a large number of accompanying activities.


Customizable & Customized service


Our vision

At Copyright Power International we try to distinguish ourselves in many ways. Our team is led by women, which makes us an exception in the men’s world of music. We also believe in a personal, transparent and above all independent working method. Naturally without losing sight of professionalism and success. With this way of working we try to unburden our customers and provide them with tailor-made advice as a musician. This way the composer or artist can focus entirely on creating music and we can take over the Intellectual Rights and administrative side for you. We see it as our mission to provide you with an independent and personal advice. Which helps you to better focus on the creative process of making music without any destracting noises.

Our way of working

Soon after our company started to grow we developed customized software, called Royalty Power. We have been continuously evolving  this program eversince. In this way we have a clear overview of all our clients. We also have our own lawyer who arranges all copyright matters of our clients. So we have all needed knowledge and experience  in our office and all of that against an attractive rate. Because of our way of working, we have built up a personal and transparent relationship with every customer over the years. We aim for reliable and neutral advice tailored to your needs. This is exactly why customers choose Copyright Power International.


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