We do much more for authors and artists than just registering and releasing a song – Entertaiment Business Publishing Special Oct 2018

Copyright Power International: ‘The author and artist are central’
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“We do much more for authors and artists than just registering and releasing a song”

Copyright Power International is best known for its expertise in the field of international law administrations, but is now ambitious in more areas. The company is also a music publisher and wants to further expand its label activities.

In the publishing world, Copyright Power International is known as a party that takes care of all administrative burdens of individuals or companies in the media industry, especially for authors, artists, DJs, management offices, publishers and labels. Copyright Power specializes in personally guiding and shaping the entire copyright and neighboring law process, so that customers do not have to worry about agencies such as Buma / Stemra, Sena, Norma and the digital platforms. The knowledge and experience accumulated over the years is used to contribute to planning and looking for solutions to specific issues.

“As a publisher, we are increasingly looking for good songs to place and potential talents that we can guide in their careers,” explains owner Edith Severs. “And we work emphatically with long-term planning. A nice example is Nanne Meijer. This famous influencer wants to start a singing career. To realize this, the producer / songwriter / guitarist Bart Janssen organized a writers’ camp together with his management A Million Faces, Talpa and us. This resulted in a single with video clip and a (social) media plan was developed around the singler release. That has created a lot of online buzz and provided the necessary attention for his first release. We want to do more of this kind of combined action in the form of carefully planned releases with clips, marketing and a social media plan for the artist, not just to release his song. ”

Royalty Scan

Copyright Power International is keen to make the most of the royalties to which authors, artists, labels and publishers are entitled. In cooperation with MBS Benelux, the company Royalty Scan was founded about two years ago. By means of a specially developed method, all different sources of income are scanned on vital parts, so that the rightholder knows for certain that he receives all royalties to which he is entitled. Missing funds will still be collected. Furthermore, the company looks ahead and therefore closely follows the developments concerning blockchain.

Severs: “We work with our own Royalty Power software package, but if necessary, we can also work with blockchain technology. A year ago we already sat down with a number of blockchain parties. The technology offers many opportunities, but there are also threats. Blockchain creates new force fields and it will still have to be clear which parties will ultimately draw the longest. You can also ask yourself to what extent these developments will pose a threat to the rights organizations. Which roles will the majors and independents take? Is the collectivity of the rights organizations at stake? These are themes that we carefully follow each and every one. ”

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